Friday, December 05, 2008

Bloomington: Hoosiers on Parade

I drove down I-65 in pursuit of witnesses for one of my cases and on my vain quest to complete my 50 state sweep of places where I have ridden my bike (now up to 25 states). In the winter Indiana is a pretty cold and vast expanse of white corn fields. It brought back to mind the commercial for Indiana Beach that I saw repeatedly in my youth. It would always end with "...there is more than corn in Indiana." If that is the case, where is this other stuff?

There are a surprisingly large number of used car dealership in Bloomington. I imagine that the movie Breaking Away somehow spurred the creation of these dealerships and they have been living on the momentum of that movie for the past 20 years? Sadly, Dennis Quaid did not join my on my ride that day. However, this is a great pose for him.

Even though I escaped from the frozen tundra of Chicago, the frozen part stayed with me. Fields were still covered in snow and the wind still was like an icy iron fist in my face.

While I could imagine how pretty the area could have been, this picture just did not match the cold gray reality of this particular December day. However, I am working on perfecting that particular pose to be used next season.

I enjoy riding around college campuses. It's interesting to me to picture what it would have been like had I chosen to go to there. I took in the locale fare at Nick's and Opie Taylor's, both excellent recommendations; however, I did miss out on a game of Sink the Biz. I promise that I given my numerous Hoosier friends in DC that I have played my fair share and have surprisingly little talent at the game.

After a solid ten days of resting my legs are now, hopefully, ready to be opened up again and it's back to hard training. As I take a deep breadth, and think of the miles to come, I remind myself that it's all in the pursuit of some higher purpose-- the perpetual quest for HMF points.